Security Amount Rs. 10 lakh on the other hand, were based on narrow band digital networks. Signals were transmitted in the digital format and this dramatically improved the quality of calls and also reduced the complexity of data transmission. The other advantage of the 2G network came in the form of Semi Global Roaming System, which enabled the connectivity all over the world.

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The 3rd generation of mobile networks has become popular largely thanks to the ability of users to access the Internet over devices like mobiles and tablets. The speed of data transmission on a 3G network ranges between 384KBPS to 2MBPS. This means a 3G network actually allows for more data transmission and video calling, file transmission, internet surfing, online TV and much more.

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Rent 30,000 and security 15 Lakh

Rent 30,000 and security 20 LakH 


  • The area required for the tower setup must be 200sq ft to 500 sq ft.
  • There must not be another tower set up within the range of 100 meters from your land.
  • There must not be a bank loan on your land in which you want to set up the tower.
  • The documents required are- 2 id proof, land papers, 2 passport size photographs.

Rent 30,000 and security 10 Lakh

4th Generation mobile networks are believed to provide many value added features. In addition to all the 3G facilities, data transmission is believed to go through the roof with speeds ranging between 100MBPs to 1GBPS. Phew! Happy talking, surfing, conferencing, chatting, networking, partying, or whatever you want to do on your mobile phone.

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       (Unit of All India Bihar, Jharkhand,West Bengal tower Fixation in Communication Industries (Regd.)

processing Fees* 750/-only