1. Self Supporting Towers
  2. Angular & Tubular Towers
  3. Fabrication and Galvanizing of Tower
  4. Accessories
  1. Indoor Work
  2. BTS Installation as per layout plan.
  3. Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS.
  4. Rectifier Rack / SMPS installation 
  5. Outdoor Work


Civil Works

  1. Pre - Coated Prepainted GI
  2. Pre - Painted Aluminum
  3. Laminated Particle Board
  4. Decorative Laminates
  5. Stainless Steel
  6. Galvanised Iron
  7. CRC
  1. Project Management Delivery
  2. Quality Supervision and Field Management
  3. Documentation
  4. Office Facilities
  5. Risk Analysis
  6. Customer Acceptance

Foundation Designs

The various types of footings executed by us include isolated footings , combined footings , pile foundations and L and T type beams for DG / Shelter foundations. We have completed almost 500 number of footings for the towers ranging from 9 mtr to 60 mtr high towers with wind velocity ranging from 140 kmph to 220 kmph.

Identification of BTS candidate sites along with customer RF team. Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements. Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition. Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site.

  1. Groung Based Tower
  2. Doing soil testing as per IS codes.
  3. Design and choose between isolated and combined type footing depending upon space availability.
  4. Roof Top Based Tower


  1. Municipal approval
  2. Electricity connection
  3. Pollution board approval
  4. SACFA Clearance

We Provides complete services from installation to maintainance


Liaisoning Services

Project Management

Electrical Installation

Site Acquistion